“I am not here to tell you I am God, I am here to tell you, You are God” 


The purpose of Awakeningod is to share this journey and the spiritual significance of focusing on our Inner world where messages of Love, One Heart and the Inner Potential-God- Divine reside. When the lamp of love has been lit in our hearts, our lives blossom with greater joy, ease and bliss. We become authentic and inspired and our days become purposeful and fulfilled . One of the most misunderstood truths today has been spoken to devotees and disciples today by two Poonar Avatars, Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda: “I am not here to tell you I am God, I am here to tell you You are God”. When I first heard this declaration, I was filled with excitement, curiosity and strangely enough, relief. On one level something resonated deeply and on another level I thought to myself, “that is such a long shot!” It was a big and bold statement in light of my religious background and how I was raised. I had a vision of an acorn and its highest potential as that of an oak tree but at the level of acorn, it might seem a little far fetched that it was anything other than an acorn permanently. Human Beings like acorns have an imprint of the’Divine’  within and that is what I call Inner Potential. We are just beginning to wake-up-to and tap into our ‘inner potential’ in this new age dawning.

Perspective is everything. The concept of God should not be narrowed down to an exclusive attitude of mind. I am redefining God from my childhood understanding to an enlightened perspective. God Is. I Am. Love.  An eternal state of being fully expanded in blissful awareness and consciousness. This is the original space of all beings. It is Essence, Essential and Essentially ‘Love’.  Sat-chit-ananda, ‘Being- Consciousness- Bliss”. The divine is inherent in Everyone.

Many are still living life with an acorn mentality. We have no idea who We are or what We are. We only believe what others have defined US as. The truth is we are programmed for much greater things. We strive, we are driven, we are curious and we are expanded if only by default of desires.  But when we consciously choose to live and to be more than what we think we are and greater than the circumstances we find ourselves in, whatever that may be, we experience this deeper truth. Living our peak potential is the highest Love we can cause.

The Vedas are a collection of Sanskrit texts at least 5000 years old. They are a collection of Scientific Principles about the Mind. The Spiritual solutions and insights offered expand all lives from the inside out resulting  in authentic love and contribution at one’s peak capacity. What this means is we are given the tools to shift our perspective and actions to gain an awareness and new understanding that leads one to successfully living a life of fulfillment.

If We want to live with greater joy and happiness then we must first learn how to be authentic. If We want to be a better creator and attract abundance then we must first learn to live with integrity. Life was never meant to be the struggle we sometimes find ourselves in the midst of. If We want an end to conflict and suffering then we must learn to take responsibility. And if We want to live a blissful life and be in the flow of miracles, then we must learn how to stick our necks out, share, enrich and make a difference for Ourself and Others in our life.

Spirituality is actually practicality. These truths are practical. When we apply  ‘spiritual truths as solutions’, miracles happen and life flows. Enlightened Masters in the East define miracles as science that has not yet been discovered.

May you be blessed with Miracles, May you be blessed with Knowing, May you be blessed with Truth and experience EnLightenment on your journey.

Nithyanandam, Be Blissful!


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  1. Well thank you for Enlightening me it is amazing to get to know about Vedic tradition it is really a living science thank you for sharing all that.

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