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                                          HOW TO CAUSE YOUR AWAKENING

A webinar with Paramahamsa Nithyananda


I welcome you all with my love and respects.

In the course of my spiritual wanderings, when I started my public life, I met scores and scores of people every day. Thousands approach me for solutions for their problems and their diseases.  For some Life had become a problem. For others their life was a success but they did not feel their peak possibilities had become their reality. They had not realized their full potential nor manifested what they were capable of. Some had such a strong self-hypnotizing condition called “impossible” that they just settled down with ‘contentment’. But the contentment was not out of powerfulness or spiritual strength but because of “impossibility”. There are those who have withdrawn from life because of fear of facing the conflicts and contradictions of life, their inability to face themselves and face others and the small slips of life – so they just withdraw. Whatever the space people carry all of them ask for a solution, a breakthrough, emotional fulfillment, fulfillment in relationships and fulfillment for spiritual consciousness.

Whatever level, problem or space people are stuck, I have developed and created one powerful master solution, master key. This is INNER AWAKENING: A 21 day transformational program. In this I use all the greatest methodologies from the Vedic Tradition for transformation.  For instance: Yoga, balancing your breathing pattern, right knowledge, visualization, withdrawing, centering, contemplation, using the right verbalization, aligning You to “the reality” and awakening your inner potential energy. I have reproduced all components of enlightened living and I am making it available to you. Usually, the components of enlightened living are transmitted to you either intellectually or emotionally or through excitement.

However, in THIS awakening transformational program, all components of enlightened living, all components of super consciousness, health, wealthy consciousness, fulfilling relationships, mental equanimity and ultimately spiritual fulfillment, All these I am reproducing in your system experientially-“EXPERIENTIALLY”!

Inner Awakening brings all of the pieces of you together and integrates you. The social conditioning that we have lived inside of is such that we are made to live as “pieces”. Your “pieces” completely work opposite to each other. Please understand, if your body and mind are not integrated, don’t think they are working in different directions. They are working in opposite directions! When they work in opposite directions, life not only is  non-creative but destructive.”

identity and mind

“The greed in front of you or the fear or desire in front of you decides who you are at that very moment. That completely and totally changes the very identity you have about you. Your identity is constantly being changed by fear and situations that come in front of you. This is what I call, “Life of Identity Crisis”. We all know so many different crises, economical, political, social but we forget to look into the very important problem of our life, the “identity crisis”. You can see that one time you think and act in the best way possible. You have so much love and care and dedication and comfort with yourself and others and another time you act with such cruelty. One time you are ready to give your blood for others and another time you are ready to suck the life out of others just for your cup of coffee. Understand! Even when you gave blood for others, it was an accidental expression of compassion, NOT the exact scientific, methodically experienced compassion. Whether it is a good quality or the best quality of life, unless it is built methodically and very systematically in you it can never become a part of your being. Accidental compassion does not make you a good person. It may make you do a good act but it does not make you a good person.

“The sun can reflect in thousands of mirrors but thousands of reflections put together can never become a Sun”

You may be doing thousands of good acts but those thousands of good acts put together cannot become good man, good identity. You can have fear, greed or emotions and with those emotions and situations defining you, you will naturally live as multiple pieces. SO first thing, Inner Awakening integrates all your pieces together and makes you understand “Who am I”. You experience a surety about you.

The first thing that happens in the Inner Awakening is you understand the genesis of your identity.


If your actions try to give you the identity, it is called “personality”. If your identity takes actions in your life it is called “individuality”. In the individuality you are sure about yourself. The identity with the knowledge, clarity, being sure about yourself is individuality. But if your actions try to give a description about yourself then this is what we call Maya or delusion.

When your different pieces are integrated, you become sure about yourself. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” When these major questions of life become clear in you, when you have experiential clarity about these questions, I can say your life starts. Until then whatever you may have achieved through your actions, words, thoughts, everything might have happened to you, kids, wealth, job, money, house, power, awards, reward, but YOU may not have happened to you. When you don’t happen to you, everything that happened to you is an accident.

You discovering the real you cannot be equated to any money. It can never be measured in any traditional measuring scale. When you become sure about you then all your efforts and strategies become meaningful. When you are not sure of you, without even knowing, you become against you! Because you do not know what you really mean by “you”. “That is why many times when people come to me and ask “Swamiji, you know what I want, please give”, I tell them, “I may know but you may not know-so please spell it out”. Because many times what is actually your incompletion, you call it as your identity but you feel it as your incompletion. For ex: you know the difference between a tumor and your muscle but you constantly encourage the tumor by removing the muscle. First you decide which has to be removed through surgery and which has to be encouraged with vitamins. The same as only if you know how you wrote what you wrote and why you wrote what you wrote, you can re-write.
So first thing Inner Awakening does is make you experientially sure about you. You don’t have to waste your time in the trial and error process. Living life in a trial and error process and learning the lessons through trial and error dow not leave you any life to live by the time you finally get it. Learning all the best lessons from the greatest experiences of enlightened ancestors is the best strategy to start your life.

Just because accidents have not happened, don’t think that your strategy is right. If you can stand the worst possibility that can happen, that is the proof of the right strategy. The right strategy, knowledge, right truths, conepts, cognition about life is your graduation certificate. Only with this can you start your life.

yoga pose

The Inner Awakening program and the science of transformation has different parts. First is through the right context of yoga. Yoga is all about adding “life” to your movements. Unless you understand the context of yoga you can not customize it as the West does. From the right context, when yoga happens, completion with the body happens.

The yogic satvic diet removes all the toxins from your body, balances your weight, average 8-15 pounds.

When decisions about you change, when you discover you, the fulfillment and completion you experience with you because of cleansing karmic patterns and the root karmic pattern you brought from past births, you experience a new you, the real you and your relationship with you becomes complete. I can say that is where life starts. When you are complete with your identity you are born.

Your relationship with others becomes complete and fulfilling, You develop the ability to speak into others listening as opposed to speak to prove who you are, impress and get something from someone. You do not need to defend yourself nor convince yourself about you. If you are clear about you, you will naturally make others perceive that as you. When you are awakened to your words, your communication becomes fulfilling, complete and you can move others through your words.

In Inner Awakening, you are experientially made to realize how your perceptions, the “My World” distorts the real facts, “The World”. Experientially you are tuned to reality. Life is not difficult and creating your reality is not difficult but you have to do it. Either you rest in laziness or you are stuck with the idea of impossible. Both are wrong. Accepting leads to laziness and resisting leads to powerlessness. Straight DOING is what needs to be done!

In Inner Awakening, I don’t give you the choice to accept or resist, simply the programming is done. SO your resistance or acceptance is neither respected nor asked for, simply you are given the reality experientially. Success, creating your reality never comes by accepting or resisting, it comes only by DOING from a powerful space. Experientially you are initiated into it. Especially through “deeksahs, initiations which are different processes where experientially these principles become part of your bio-memory, and your root cognition. It is not just an intellectual understanding but the very bio memory. And by the very time tested foolproof methodologies of awakening your inner potential energy, bio energy, Kundalini Shakthi, the cognitive shift is bolted in your system, in your very core so that transformation lasts forever. It is not just intellectual or emotional or feel good excitement, I believe only in your consciousness!

everything consciousness

There are 22 various initiations you will go through in twenty-one days and each initiation works on your very bio memory, on your Kundalini Shakthi.

That is why so many people walk out of ailments from migraine to cancer. Cancer is nothing but strongly programming yourself against life. When you are in deep depression, suffering you utter to yourself words like “I don’t want to live this life, life should not be doing this to me” and self destructive words get into your system and if you don’t know the methodology to remove them those words express as cancers. Through proper initiation, deeksha, your bio energy is awakened and opened and all these wrong programmings, negative words you inserted into you are removed. In the peak joy your whole being is available to you for further instruction, further strategy planning, further advice and further programming. You are given a new possibility to rewrite your future and you are given the knowledge about why you wrote your life the way you wrote it and why you are struggling with certain diseases and certain relationships, why you attract people who abuse you and cheat you and have deep incompletion and powerlessness and why you attract situations in your life which make you feel you are a victim. That “why” is experientially shown to you. You are simply equipped with the tools and necessary intelligence to rewrite your future.

Walking out of pain and suffering and disease can never be put in dollars. Walking out of self- abusal patterns, diseases, victim moods and mentality can never be equated to the traditional measuring scale like money and precious metals. You can have everything but if you don’t have the courage to restart your life it is equivalent to nothing. If you just have the courage to restart your life, even if you have nothing, it is equivalent to everything.
To open your bio-energy, remove those negative programming’s or insufficient programs, viruses, upgrading needs a very loving, caring, supportive ambience of a Master’s energy field. Know the person who is going to give you a new consciousness; he has sucseefully created the reality of at least a few million, is co-creator of millions walking out of their disease, creating health and wealth consciousness and fulfilling the spiritual enlightenment. It takes 21 days completely, continuously to casue a lasting transformation.

This transformation science you go through in the inner awakening program is time tested and foolproof, the only LIVING, oldest civilizations knowledge and methodology is the Vedic Tradition. And you are receiving the transformational science from the source of that transformational science from a spiritual Head of the oldest apex body of Hinduism- (the Vedic Tradition) the MAHANIRVANI PEETHA!


The whole program is designed with Yoga, satvic yogic Ayurvedic food and Vedic rituals to awaken different possibilities in your being to put you in connection with nature which you lost in the so called human civilization.. The different powers of your body and mind are awakened through the proper authentic Vedic rituals. But the human mind, the self doubting pattern whenever a great possibility comes in front of us we strongly believe “It is not possible for me”. We create a strong thought current, ‘That can not happen to me!” and we behave, act, think in such a way it does not happen to us. So we feel safe with our small identity which is comfortable and cozy and this is why we come up with reasons, ‘no time, no money’.

In the world everyone has the same 24 hours. Whenever people tell me “Swamiji I don’t have time for transformation or meditation”, I tell them, “No, Don’t say you don’t have time. At least be honest that this is not that important or priority in your life. Because time is the same for everyone. Maybe you have not looked in and understood that transformation is the priority. At least be honest about it so you will wake up to the stark reality at one time, one point of your life.”

Same way. No Money! This is the pattern we go on postponing every great possibility. Maybe family will not allow me. Many times our mind is such before we even try we decide it is going to be a failure. I have seen many times people will think, fantasize, visualize about some project but they will never work for it. They will get distracted to various other things. But before trying or working for that project they will classify that as a failed project and put it in the failed archives So please before trying, don’t classify as “family wont allow, money won’t be there”.

People ask, ‘Spiritual knowledge should be free. Why there should be money?’

The Vedic Tradition is the world’s oldest tradition which declared knowledge is free. Even now knowledge is free, available to you! But share a little bit of money to receive the lasting experience so that this experience is shared with more people, the Wheel of Dharma, the Wheel of Dharma Chakra is kept moving. Many statistics, surveys, researches, say, always people who share a little of their wealth for the spiritual cause, they live richly, they live a happy life, a fulfilled life!

Next biggest problem is postponing – ‘We will do it later’. Please understand, postponing is not non-action; it is negative action. Doctor suggests some surgery to a patient, and the patient just postpones. That does not mean he is just in non-action. See, we always claim innocence for non-action. ‘I just did not act. How can I be punished for that?’ We always feel non-action should not be punished. Please listen! Postponing will be just non-action if the opponent is not active. But, when you postpone the surgery, the disease is not going to keep quiet! It is spreading in your body and leading you to a space of irrecovery. So, postponing surgery is not non-action, it is negative action. Same way, postponing your transformation many times is not just non-action; it is negative action. Many of the thought patterns with which you are currently struggling become strong and goes to the level of irrecovery. Before they could do irrecoverable damage to your relationships, to your health, to your confidence, please transform yourself. Before they could do irrecoverable damage, please recover yourself and rewrite your future.


Sometimes the self-doubt and self-hatred becomes so much in us, we feel we don’t deserve the beautiful future. See, if you feel, ‘Will I transform, it is self-doubt. If you feel, ‘I am not qualified for transformation for whatever I have done!’. it is self-hatred. If you feel, ‘I cannot be transformed!’, it is self-denial. Please don’t allow SDHD (Self-doubt, Self-hatred, Self-denial) to destroy you. Whatever may be your future, it is not the type of actions you did which are going to decide your future; it is the action you are going to do NOW which is going to decide the future.

When you don’t want to rewrite your future, the great possibility, you just want to be back in your cosy, comfort zone, you create all these reasons, SDHD, self-blackmailing patterns, enough, enough you played all this game of SDHD – self-doubt, hatred, denial! Now it is time! Wake up, wake up to have inner awakening! It is time you decide to decide!

I tell you, I am very straight, with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility to enrich you I am telling you, just make an intention, a conscious resolution. I know experientially, the Cosmos is waiting, the Universe is waiting, life is waiting to fulfill whatever resolution you make consciously! Even if you believe life does not fulfill what you want, or life always gives you less than what you want, I tell you, because I have seen the power of life, the Universe, it is waiting to celebrate with you, it is waiting to blossom through you, it is waiting to write through you, it is waiting to celebrate you! You make a conscious resolution, you make an intention; I am waiting here for you, to be co-creator of your reality. I commit with you with my Integrity, Authenticity, and Responsibility to enrich, I will be your co-creator! I will co-create the reality of Inner Awakening program for you! You make an intention, you make a conscious resolution, I commit with you, I will be your co-creator. And we both will create Inner Awakening program as a reality for you.

I commit with you with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility to enrich all of you, Inner Awakening program simply will transform you and make you rewrite your future as you want! Not just one part here, one part there; just health or just wealth consciousness; just Completion. No! It will make you rewrite your life completely as you want! The moment your past incompletions and the reasons why you wrote the way you wrote is given to you as a realization, you just know how to rewrite. So, I commit with you, I will reproduce all the components of Living Enlightenment in you, because this science is time-tested, foolproof, one of the oldest, I can say, only oldest living transformational science!
I am excited, really, really, really excited, because I know what this Inner Awakening program can do to you. When you discover the new you, how your life will be, I am waiting to celebrate with you, I am waiting to cause the new you to you, I am waiting to be a co-creator of your new reality. I am waiting here to celebrate and create your reality and the reality of the people who are involved in your life. I am sure I will see you all in the Inner Awakening program. See you all in the next Inner Awakening program.














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