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I am Ma Nithya Muktiroopananda. This is my spiritual name given to me from my Guru Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda. It means “blissfully liberated from incompletions(past) eternally”.

I am an Acaharya, an Ordained Teacher and Spiritual Healer of the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Sampradya, Bangalore India and I am a faculty member of the Nithyananda Vedic University. The Sciences of Living Enlightenment hold the key for everything one needs to live a happy, healthy and balanced life. I have completed four levels of studies and hold certificates in Each area of the Sciences of Living Enlightenment from which I teach workshops that empower one to live life at their peak capacity with flow and ease. The courses are life altering and open up new avenues in one’s life for living abundantly and with ease. I facilitate groups and work with individuals to experience completion in their lives. I teach the Science of Completion which is a technique that restores wholeness, presence and psychological well-being to the individual.

I  was born  the second child of seven, Nancy Dahn Marie O’Callaghan in Louisville Kentucky.  I am so blessed to have five sisters and one brother. Not only was my brother the 7th child, … my father said he would not quit until he got a boy….. but I was made to feel so special that he was born on my birthday.

I can not tell you about myself without telling you about my family who has significantly influenced who and what I am today. Who would I be without my birth family and our story? We embraced a lifestyle that was a generational path and an experience of  religion that was our way of life. I was raised in the Catholic Faith or belief system. I owe my keen interest in spirituality and enlightenment to the quaking fear I had of the Nuns in grade school at St. Agnes and my insecure and anxious relationship to “God” who I was sure I was not measuring up to in my youth. Because of these feelings of deep inadequacy I was driven to find the truth about God, Life as in this world and my relationship to it through my own existence. I am not sure if I would call myself a mystic or just tell you I have had many mystical experiences throughout my life.  You certainly wont read about me in any book of Saints because I decided not to wear a habit but I loved the Carmelite nuns. I use to visit them frequently for they always gave me ‘holy water’. I actually thought one day I might becomes a nun but my personality got the better of me and I chose marriage; twice in fact. My second marriage happened without  an annulment from the Catholic church and it was the reason for getting no absolution in confession one day while visiting a well known pilgrimage site in Bosnia Herzgavnia called Medjugore.

I survived the trauma of childhood. Not that it was traumatic in and of itself but the very process of having our bliss space rudely interrupted by a world of duality which we all had to awaken to and learn to fit into, live and relate with was and is a frightful prospect for any child.  That and the fear of God and the deep shame around having what I was told were learning disabilities. In retrospect my fear of life and adults and my extreme shyness growing up was enough to shut down my listening. Today I question what I was labelled with as “learning disabilities”.

IN 2007 I had an inner awakening that left me no choice but to start the inquiry process. Who am I? Books, Webinars, Transformation Courses and eventually studying with an enlightened Master in India resulted from this and have been my life and passion. I am now an Acahrya, an ordained Teacher of the Nithyananda Sampradaya. I am a Spiritual Consultant, Nithya Spiritual healer and Life-Soulution Coach. I  am Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, devotee and conscientious neighbor. I am passionate about devotion to this undefined mysterious dimension I feel so often as Presence. I love ritual, chanting, singing, enriching, teaching and sharing everything I have learned and experienced.

Inner Awakening is the only thing I see as absolutely necessary in this lifetime; the reason for birth is to experience the truth beyond the senses. When the veil is lifted you will feel what I speak of and hopefully resonate with experiential understanding. We are in a period of huge transition. It is my firm belief that we come to experience our own transfiguration from the human self through the kundalini awakening as our inner potential that impels the psychological growth and ascension from subconscious mind to superconscious. It is my belief that all of our births are a rare gift. I know I am given this opportunity now to clear the past and all thoughts and ideas about my self – this personality which has created my reality – and now to experience oneness; the non duality of my inner world  and outer worlds. There is no me separate from the world. What has changed for me is knowing that God is not one rather Oneness is God. Just as the cells in this body individually are not the body but put together or all as one – oneness form the One. Be Blissful!


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