Enlightenment Works

We are here to make manifest the Divine potential within us

In the Spirit of Manifesting:  We are Creator, Cause and Infinite Possibility!

In the Spirit of Adventure, Anyone being a catalyst to cause others reality causes their own reality!

Giving and Receiving are one.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Activist I became an ordained Acharya -Teacher and Healer of the Nithyananda Sampradya. Spiritual principles are the foundation of this dynamic work that I teach. The principles shift one’s understanding of life to heal any conflict, unwanted situation, condition or suffering. What you will learn experientially is that the difference between successes over failure lies in the power of your beliefs about you. Remembering the connection to who YOU are will heal all inner wounds and restore the confidence to think as an individual and to act for the good of the whole.

The idea to offer and share with you The Sciences of Living Enlightenment came from experiencing such a life changing transformation using the principles and techniques taught by Paramahamsa Nithyananda while studying in India. This is not something I could hold onto for myself alone. The Vedic tradition offers an authentic and genuine way of living for all people. The Vedic principles are neither difficult nor lofty. They enrich one’s understanding with fresh new perspectives about life and simple strategies to bring awareness of ourselves, our lives and our choices as well as practical, intentional methods for mental, physical and emotional well-being. The soul-utions are guaranteed to unlock the best potential for creating and living your best life: Whatever Your heart Desires! 

My goal is to enrich you in a very practical way with tools and techniques that allow you to live an empowered life at the peak of your potential every day. The future of humanity if it is to survive will be on the spiritual beliefs we hold onto and that need to be kept alive for the sake of Peace. 



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