Weekend Retreats



~  Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic nutrition, Soultions for You, Completion-

Nature is God’s prescription for restoring our mind and body. Harmony is what we seek for health and well-being. Here on the Georgian Bay, ‘retreat’ is the lifestyle. Every morning we are greeted with melodies of birdsong, gentle breezes and Sun streaking across the dawn over the water and through the forrest. Waking up with natures  biorythms is nothing short of breathtaking  invoking deep gratitude. It is an unforgettable experience.


Through morning yoga, cardio and stretch we release toxins and relieve the body of  stressors that have accumulated. We listen to our individual body and practice with awareness. What limits us, what opens us and what challenges us. We complete with thoughts that surface as we practice just as we complete with the ‘pose’ just as at is. Completion: Nothing to do and nothing to be undone


… is a way of living here that is reflective of the surrounding environment. It is impossible not to feel the ecosystem and just listen.  Awareness alone arouses a new silence and a new message that God has for our individual selves. Prepare to receive.


Nutrition is nourishing here at week-end retreats. Everything is fresh, organic from the trees and soil. We provide vegetarian, vegan and ayurvedic. All meals are fresh from whole fruits and vegetables. Juices the same. We provide dairy and eggs for those who chose but if it walks,crawls, swims or flies it wont be at our table:) Salads, Soups, Raw, Snacks, nuts, raisins, almond butter just to name a few.  Gluten free is available with prior notice. We include Southern Indian style and other ayurvedic specialties. Too spice or not to spice is up to you.


“A straight line infinitely projected must end in a circle.” Patanjali Yoga Sutras

We gather together as one from each of our centers and begin again. Spirituality is practicality. You decide what you need and bring it to the circle for healing, a solution, a resolution, a new perspective. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I use guidance, intuition and messages to bring clarity to situations so you can make the best choice for anything in your life.  I will share with you an ancient technique to release emotional energy clots. No matter where our destination leads us, we are walking back to ourselves wherever we go. Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore, You are Safe and You are Loved.


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