Inner Awakening Intro


This course is a 2 day program and workshop that will give you access to a totally new perspective for living your life. This program introduces your seven chakras and their functions and the key role they play in awakening the consciousness through which you can express 4 fundamental powers.  The four powers are Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Enriching. These powers are the 4 Pillars of Living Enlightenment.

The role that each chakra plays is defined through one of the 4 powers  which is the key to balancing that particular energy center . When the chakra is balanced your life is flowing as it should be.  There is no hangover of conflicts or feelings of powerless as you live the life the way you want it to be.

As we work on each chakra you will be given practical techniques and Kriyas to clear any conflicts  and energy blocks.

The Kriyas are anchored in the sacred yoga scriptures including the patanjali yoga sutras which are legendary in themselves. The techniques given include a posture and specific breathing technique that activates our life energy to flow upward and unblocks the energy clots in those chakras.  When such high frequency or high energy emotions flow in you, your chakras expand leaving you experiencing and expressing more and more vitality, health and life energy .

This is a full weekend workshop and includes all meals which are prepared in the Ayurvedic Tradition.  The Cost for this workshop is all inclusive. Please contact me via form for more information!

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