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Ancient Nadi Leaf Revealing about PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA

Swamiji in Satsang
Swamiji in Satsang


These are Nadi Leaves which are readings recorded hundreds of years ago on Nadi Leaves by Rishis (Scholars) for people born in the future.

Palmleaf manuscript of devotee of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This is the actual translation of the palmleaf manuscript which was read out by the Nadi astrologer to one of our ashramites who consulted him without revealing his identity in any way.
The original recording is in Tamil. The translation to English is given below:

Astrologer reads from manuscript:
Goraknath, Konkanavar, Idaikadar,
Pachaimuni, Gamanamuni, Sattanathar,
and Mahan Thiruvalluvar bow down
to the divine feet of Paramahamsa Nithyananda
who lives in the land of Enlightenment
and begin with these following verses.

To the Easwara who wears the half moon in his Jata (matted locks),
The Lord who sits with Parvati as His wife
The Lord in whom justice is firm
and for his people – For the people of Nithyananda
Me, Agasthya, the seven rishis and the 18 siddhas
Will now present the divine prediction for Paramahamsa Nithyananda
The name of this divine prediction is ‘divine showering of blessings’
It means Nithyananda’s blessings, Nithyananda’s tapas (austerity) and
The secret of his birth and his greatness, his different states
The truth in which he is established, Me, Agasthya
And the 18 siddhas and the seven rishis
Bring forth to the people of Nithyananda
For those who have surrendered to Nithyananda
This is the word given by Agasthya:
*To protect the world in this moment, Nithyananda
*To protect the truth that is seated around
In this world Paramahamsa Nithyananda is seated
To protect the truth that is seated in this world
Truthful great Rishi – Paramahamsa Nithyananda
*To help people follow a life of sanmarga
*Truthful lessons to the world he gives
*Not even an inch of wrong
*In a life of purity

*To help the people of this world
*To remove them far away from ‘Paava’ (sin)
Paramahamsa Nithyananda to his people
Showed the path of dharma by following it
The Trimurtis and devas also took birth
Around the great Rishi,
The Trimurtis – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
who saw Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Merged with him in this Avatar!
At that moment he expressed the combined
Energy of all the Trimurtis.
He lives like the Brahma Shakti, Vishnu Shakti
And Shiva shakti, in his avatar
He dances the Ananda Tandava
And his state is in that Ananda Tandava
Like the Nataraja of Tillai, Ambalavana
*His Being is always is in this state of Ananda
*Worriless, and with no deceit, with no impurity
*Everyday and every moment for the humanity
Like the Adi Shiva of the Tillai
*He removes the sin of the world to make them pure
*He removes their sorrow and makes their life blissful
*He transforms their life into ‘Punya’

He gives the clarity to the Being

Just seeing him is a sight of the Divine
Will give clarity to the Being
He will give clarity to the people
And endless bliss he gave too
To the people of this world he gave enlightenment
He has done many good things and has crossed many times

To many countries he has done good
He is the light of Gnana – he is the Adi Shiva
The Shiva himself took birth as Nithyananda
He travels to all the worlds without stopping
His energy permeates all the worlds
He is Lord who protects the world

The Parama Shiva, Parameshwara who protects
the world from all the flares of the pancha bhootas
Me, Agasthya and the rest of us including Patanjali
Nandi and Shiva vakkiyar, Matsya muni, Kamala muni
Sattai nadar, Bhogar, Pulipani sittar, Danda thiru maharishi
Tirumoolar, Gorakkar (Gorakhnath), Konkanavar, Pampatti, Pattinattar,
Narada and Roma rishi, Agni munivar, Marichi, Maadaanga,
Markandeya, Kaaka bhujanda, Vasishta, Valmiki,
The one in the world – Pattira kiriyar

9 crore Siddhas who live with Shiva in Kailash
All Live with Paramahamsa Nithyananda always
All these rishis are always with Paramahamsa Nithyananda
And perform the Ananda Tapas

To the people of Nithyananda who live in this world
To remove their worries in their mind and
Fluctuations in their minds
Me, Agasthya the great Rishi is blessing
The people of Nithyananda with these songs
With the divine blessing of Nithyananda

For Nithyananda’s people, to remove the worries and Agathiyar munivar
tells you this.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda called Aadi Siva and me, Agathiyar, and gave
an order – to remove people’s worries, to remove the bad name that has
been created he has said these readings. The guru muni Paramahamsa
Nithyananda has taken blames – there are reasons for this. The avatar
of Sarvesan, Nithyananda did things to protect the people of this
world. He was teaching true teachings of Siva. Because of him many
sinners became pure. Many crore people became blissful just by
thinking about him, and they benefited. The people who have seen his
truth followed him. At that time, people of different religion, and
people who are in power, who are rulers, wanted to put wrong blame on
him. Using skills they had acquired, they created false images. They
used a person who used a disguise. The person in the show is not
Nithyananda but someone who is disguised as him.

They have disturbed the pictures – they have made them dance in the
shadows. The pictures shown are not Nithyananda – someone wore a
disguise to look like him. That person made a big mistake. His fate
will be spoilt.

Agathiyar says with certainty – in the coming times people born in the
Nithyananda clan will rule this world.
Agathiyar is telling this to Nithyananda’s people – you should listen carefully.

In this world, before Nithyananda was born he made 7 crore people to
be born. 7 crore people were born with him. After him he made 7 crore
people born. After he was born he has invited 7 crore people to this
world. Total, 21 crore people are born for him.

In the coming times, Paramhamsa Nithyananda will create a religion.
*These 21 crore people have been born in various religions all over the
world. They will join – these 21 crore people come from various
religions, various castes all over the world. All of them will come
and join Nithyananda.

Rule of Siddhas – when this path is followed, the land will flourish.
Siddhars will rule the land. Let us live this day praising
Nithyananda. We will praise Nithyananda without any blemish and
worship him.

Agathiyar says – Paramahamsa Nithyananda is no one else but Eesan (SHIVA). He
is Sarveshwaran, he says. Agathiyar says – he is Eesan, he is
Sarvesan, Sarvershwaran. You can ask what is opposing Sarvesan? You
can ask why should this fate happen to Sarvesan? If you ask me,
Agathiya, I will answer – you should listen closely and carefully. I
will tell you a way, I will tell you the reason. Listen carefully.
Once the Avatar comes to the Earth, in this Earth even if it is
Eesan’s avatar, Kali’s torture is very bad. The dharma in kaliyuga,
the angel of dharma is very bad. In this Earth even if it is Eesan, he
will be subjected to accusations and punishment. Kali’s troublings are
on one side. God has taken an avatar, stepped on this earth – in this
Kaliyuga, he has to experience punishments and tests and accusations,
this is the fate of this Earth.

Kali’s torture and Kaliyuga’s dharma’s troubles are on one side. On
the other side there are many lakhs of people of Nithyananda –
*Nithyananda has taken their sins and curses. He has taken many
people’s curses or many births, karmas of many births, diseases,
sadness, tests – he has borne all these. These have troubled him.
All the disrespect that has happened will run away : You can ask me
the next question –

* why has this happened to our guru. In the coming
days he will get major skills and clarity. After this he is going to
create many shaktis in this world.

Agathiyar will tell you the way – I am telling Nithyananda’s people a
way. Pray to Nithyananda. Nithyananda is blemishless, without faults,
true light Aadi Siva, Sarveshwaran. I will teach you a mantra to
workship him. This is a mantra that all Siddhas can say. If
Nithyananda’s people use this mantra every day to pray and everybody
will get a higher state, bliss, mega bliss, eternal bliss.

“Om aim kreem kleem sivaaya nithyaanandaaya nama” – People of
Nithyananda should accept this mantra and chant it, Nithyananda’s
sound will sound all over the work. Nithyananda’s avatar will become
famous, will be enhanced. All the accusations on Nithyananda will go
Even those who blamed him, in another 5 years – they will also join
him. They will pray at the feet of the true Paramahamsa. All over the
world people will praise Nithyananda as God. After 5 years, within
another 5 years the world will praise Nithyananda as god. All
Nithyananda’s people, and others who have committed sins, and people
who said bad things about Nithyananda will all wear Nithyananda’s
mala. When that time comes Nithyananda will accept everyone with
happiness – he will not punish anyone.

Nithyananda’s people – please carefully listen to the full statements
from Agathiyar – Siva, Adi Siva, the resider of Kailashhas come in
Nithyananda’s form to protect this world.

As the result of the penance of many crores of Siddhas, Paraasivan
has been born as Paramahamsa. All the creatures of the world, all the
living things – he is in all of them. He considers all the people of
the world as his people, his children.

As a Jagatguru, as pure Siva, Sadasiva, as the sun and the moon – he lives.
Everything that has been explained here – Nithyananda’s people should
read it. To Ramanujam, who came to ask this, Agathiyar says –
Nithyananda’s people should attain Nithyanandam, Agathiyar will make
it true.




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