Spiritual Consultations

                                                         SHINE YOUR LIGHT!                                          

                                 LIVE ABUNDANTLY!   PARTICIPATE POWERFULLY 

                                         SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!   BE CONFIDENT! 

 Fulfillment in our personal lives is ultimately what we all long for. Our life is that unique journey we create to experience what that looks and feels like. We all want to feel good about ourselves, our life and our choices. Survival strategies are not a lifestyle necessary to embrace anymore! It is time to drop all limitations and step into the expansion of our gifts, our contribution and to thrive. These are the best of times as we move into alignment with the frequencies of our higher being and soul consciousness. These are time of  transformation and transmutation. All we need to support us to live a life our heart desires is here now!


 If you have a yearning and a strong desire for change, you want to live a healthier lifestyle or just feel better about yourself, questions about  relationships, whatever you feel is important now and needs to be addressed and you don’t know where to begin and are unsure how to make significant changes or lack the confidence to do so, maybe even  experiencing self doubt….. or you just need someone to listen…..

I am an intuitive spiritual counsellor and an ordained Spiritual teacher. I know there is a solution for every question that arises in our heart because I too began to awaken to a new energy opening inside myself and had many gifted people walk with me, coach me and connect me to my path. I am honored to offer you support, listening, and coaching that fulfills your human needs and honors your spiritual gifts on your journey for as long you need. 





Private Consultation: $85/hour

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